Tobi Rubinstein Schneier article

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon, and my friend Derrick said to me, “You need to meet a friend of mine, Tobi Rubinstein Schneier. I think you two could network with each other and have something come out of it.” I told him okay, that it wasn’t a problem and to go ahead and send me her number. Despite my crazy schedule, I managed to find time to send her a text message and she replied. We exchanged emails and agreed to send each other information about ourselves. After a few exchanges, I picked up the phone to personally introduce myself. I would be remiss to not admit that I had not made time in my schedule to actually read and look through everything about her. In fact, I only did a quick look of the title of her show, The House of Faith n Fashion, and kept it moving.

The voice on the other end was quite unassuming, somewhat authoritative, and very defined. I introduced myself, although I’m sure she recognized the number, and we began to chat. We mostly talked about my friend, my production company, and the media projects we were working on. She told me a little bit about her radio show, it’s spin-off launch from a previously piloted TV show, and how after reading up on the things I sent her through email that we would have to find a way to do some work together. She offered to come to Philadelphia to meet me, or at least halfway, but since I would be in New York City two weeks later, we decided to get together then.

It’s a funny thing. We went back and forth on time and dates for our meeting, and I swear although I told her one time she kept trying to meet me at another. Finally I explained to her that I was coming to see my son give his final research presentation at Downstate and that there was no way I could make it to Manhattan until the time I stated available. So our 1pm meeting became 3:30 and we were all set. During the course of the day she sent me a message that she was running late and would need to push us back to 4:30, and of course I obliged.

I arrived to the Upper East Side Starbucks at exactly 3:30 because I was on a schedule and had nowhere else to go. I knew I could wind down and rest, and possibly get a few emails done in the meantime; maybe even get on Google. I still had not taken the time to do any research about this woman, blindly meeting a friend of a friend who may possibly need my company’s media services, or whose programming would be a fit for our network.

Tobi arrived and I grabbed my belongings to join her on the other side of the coffee shop. She was a tall, thin blond woman with the cutest outfit on. It was something I would definitely wear, or maybe shouldn’t given the weight I’ve gained over the past few years. She was very light-hearted and warm. We hugged, sat down, and began to talk business.


She began telling me a little bit about herself, the show, and her story. I couldn’t believe it. Here it was, I was sitting next to a woman who had been blasted all over media pages not two years prior, and I had no clue. By the end of our hour-long meeting we were parting ways so that I could rush to my next appointment downtown, and she could run to hers. She invited me to her live broadcast’s taping that evening, and since the Waldorf Astoria (where should would be) was only 3 blocks from where I’d be, I told her I would come as soon as my event was over. Before leaving she asked; “So how do I get the cover?” I looked at her and said, “By me, the owner, saying you’ve got the cover.”  She smiled, we hugged, and both rushed off in different directions.

I took out my phone, and immediately Googled Tobi. I finally made time to get to know the media’s perspective of Tobi Rubinstein Schneier. To say she had been through a lot was an understatement. Being the 4th wife of one of, if not the most prominent Rabiis in the country, Marc Schneier, and scandalously learning of his public infidelity to a woman who had once shared Shabbos at her home and sitting next to her, couldn’t have been easy. No wonder she inquired about the cover, this was no light journey. In fact, Tobi was kind enough to meet me at the hotel where I was staying the following week, since I would be pressed for time and needed to head back to Pennsylvania. As the bill came, she jokingly laughed, “Only at the Waldorf can you have an $80 lunch and still want to eat”. I was thinking to myself, it was that small salad you ate, which is why I had the burger.

Her recollection of the events of her marriage, the high society life in which she had virtually been ex-communicated from, the façade of her husband, and the re-building of her life after this “death” of sorts could not compare to what I’d read. She was more than his wife and when he decided to replace her, this man who had been her best friend for more than 20 years, she was not only blindsided, but devastated. He brought her to her death-bed and coping skills were nowhere to be found. I knew immediately I had to share her story. It all made sense. This woman’s journey was not unlike mine, not unlike many women I know.

I said to Tobi that The Survivor’s Story must always be shared so that the next woman’s life can be saved, and even more can be healed. Tobi’s life had been saved. Her mother-in-law, Donna Schneier, a private high end art dealer and ex wife of prominent XXXX, ended up being her saving grace, along with close friends and family members who had not thought to abandon her. In fact, many strangers and new friends came to Tobi’s rescue, while those she had thought to be friends and colleagues of many years acted as if she were dead. She’s had to reinvent herself in Mind, Body, Spirit and build her career as if nothing had happened. Her first accomplishment as a phoenix rising, was becoming ordained as the first female Rabii in 2012.

Now that the Judge has lifted her 2-year gag order, Tobi can finally share her voice again. She no longer has to hide in the shadows while others who believe they know and have the truth discuss her life, her circumstances, and events only she was present for as if she isn’t there. Tobi has been given her voice back and the veil of silence that kept it under lock and key has been removed. It seems as if the Universe has provided her the good fortune of meeting those who have been willing and wanting to take chance after chance on her, including Dino Luzzi, the CEO of www.Blastapplications.comand the Sponsor of her live weekly segment on Blog Talk Radio, The House of Faith n Fashion. You can tune in on Wednesdays at 9pm EST.

     As for Tobi, her journey, the gift of a second chance at life, and the love of friends she’s been given, she’s rising still and is looking forward to releasing her tell all book The Unexpected Sermon; for women whose husbands have also brought them to the ultimate betrayal and have found themselves at death’s door. Tobi Rubinstein Schneier has survived public scandal, betrayal, abandonment, and has discovered the path that keeps her going. This star isn’t going anywhere, and she plans to shine through the darkness no matter what people say, think, or believe to be true. Tobi has risen from her ashes, has reinvented herself, and has a voice that she’ll never voluntarily surrender or compromise again.

Written by Stefany J.