Candobetter is Fun

This is FUN


CanDoBetter – what does that mean?

Well, it’s romantic, in a twisted way.

 It’s better than a Dating Site, because you get involved.

Ever heard the saying “the truth hurts”?  There’s some of that here also.

It’s honest – not always what you WANT to hear – lol!

What does it do?

CanDoBetter has been around for years, and has always received hot reviews from the rating sites. The idea is simple –  put up a photo of yourself, and a photo of your partner. The members of the site ( over 100,000) then vote:

Perfect Match                                                 or

You CanDoBetter                               or

Your partner CanDoBetter

A huge serving of honesty with a healthy portion of FUN. This is the Trademark of the CanDoBetter Website – getting honest opinions from people who do not even know you – with no reason to give you a sugary answer – they tell it like it is!

And now, the site is going Premium – adding new features and new opportunities:

Get your daily horoscope.

Get qualified advise from the sex psychologist, or from the Dating Expert.

Set up your own chat rooms, for invited guests only.

Go beyond uploading your pic – you can now download other pics, too. Plus set up the opportunity to meet and chat with that “special pic”!

Having FUN yet?  Keep reading!

How about this? PREMIUM MEMBERS  have a unique opportunity to become stars in a Reality TV Show. That’s right – you ever wonder “how did those people get on that show? I could do that!”

Well, now you can! Talk about FUN!

Five-time Emmy Award Producer and Director Marty Berman is planning a Reality TV Show, based on the CanDoBetter Website. The show will be called - - - - ---


Who will be the Reality stars for his show? He will cast the show exclusively with Premium Members of the CanDoBetter Website.

Can you imagine? A camera team following you all day, all week – taking the audience with you on your dates! And then…the audience votes –

“you two were MADE for each other – a perfect match!”                Or…..

“Girl, you Can Do Better than that!”

Can you imagine HIS reaction when he hears that?  Lol!

The cost

 $15 a month? No way!!!  $15 a year?– still too much!  For only $0.99/month – you read that right – 99 cents per month – you can be a Premium Member – take part in one of the craziest Websites out there, and sign up for an audition to be on a TV Reality Show. Remember, ONLY Premium Members of CanDoBetter Website will be selected for the TV Show. Not every once in a while, but ONLY Premium Members. Since they are going to need a LOT of people, your chances of becoming selected are pretty high.

So what are you waiting for ?

If that’s too expensive for you, then please close this window, because we think

we Can Do Better!                              This is FUN