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Dino Luzzi

In 1999 Mr. Luzzi worked with Glenn Michael Financial in assisting in raising capital for Keytrade Online, a dynamic online brokerage firm, which was acquired by a Latin American financial portal, Patagon.com International. In 2002 Mr. Luzzi became CEO of Medivisor. In 2009 Mr. Luzzi Was Appointed CEO of Blast Applications. Mr. Luzzi is a man of vision and has surrounded himself with key management to help bring Blast Applications to the forefront as one of the main competitors of the Mobile Application development industry. Mr. Luzzi resides in New York, NY with his wife and three children. 


Consultant, Web Design and External App. and SEO Development

Ted Potel,Vikas Kumar, Roy Stiffey, Jennifer Romano, Brett Smith


Public Relations/ Investor Relations:

Evan Sneider, William Hirschy, 


Sales/ Project Managers:

Dave Kary- Senior Project Manager

William Hirschy, Richard Fisher – Senior Client Manager/ Director of Sales


Transfer Agent:

Island Stock Transfer



Bob Hanson, Don Meyer


Legal Counsel:

Sommer & Schneider LLP