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With more than 20.000 ebay transactions and the warranty of drinkability for all bottles, our customer satisfaction is 100%.
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Candobetter Blackberry


Vote for your favorite person, decide who can do better, can you get more votes than her !!!! are you a perfect match !!!!!!! or she can do better than you !

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Men's Plastic Surgery

Customized APP for Manhattan Plastic Surgery for Men by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, a fully-trained Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons under the American Board of Medical Specialties. Gain access to specials, offered promotions, media, photos, and our private social media community.

Dr. Jacquie Smiles

Invisalign Super Elite Provider in NYC

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling,has taught over 14,000 doctors, students and their teams in multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world and has lectured in North and South America, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean and the Middle East.

Monalisa Cosmetic Surgery iPhone & Android App

Dr. Ramtin Kassir is a triple board certified Top Plastic Surgeon and cosmetic surgeon in NJ and NYC.
In practice since 1997, he combines artist talent as a clay sculptor with exceptional technical skill to achieve natural, beautiful results for his patients.

Aligners On Time

Download the APP Aligners On Time™, to generate your own personal aligner schedule with the number of aligners you are recommended to wear and how often your doctor recommends changing them. After entering the number of aligners you have and the days to change them, hit accept and it syncs with the calendar on your smart phone.


The App kicks off with videos of 6 of the PGA & LPGA 's best, showing you what it's supposed to look like.Watch it over & over and find the only way to get Rhythm & Tempo by watching and imitating! More great Pros coming soon with FREE updates.




End of Earth

As the countdown timer ticks down, center, the moon and earth on the vertical line. After this is accomplished, the vertical line will change to a different location in earth’s orbit. Center the Earth to the new position, and repeat the process. Every time you accomplish an orbital line up, 100 million more people will be saved. How many people can you save?

Pet Cakes Game

For the joy of the little ones age 4 to 12 download the pet cakes game, free them from the monster’s attack , use the cannon to shot cherry’s at him, aim for his head before is to late...............

Match that Animal

Match that Animal

children's game 

see how fast you can do it

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Candobetter Horoscope

Candobetter Horoscope

get your daily horoscope

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Candobetter Mobile

Candobetter Mobile

Upload your picture let the world decide add the mobile App to your favorites, find out if you are the perfect match or if your partner can do better than you, who will get the most votes ? downolad the app and find out. 

Dots Clothing Store

Dots Clothing Store 

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We treat our patients like they are our one and only patient, many people have visited the Justmelt spa, located in New York City

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Dr Jackie Goodling

Dr Jackie Goodling 

is one of the top 10 Invisalign doctors worldwide and the celebrity smile orthodontist, with more than 10 locations in the New York State area.

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Cameo Surgery Mobile App

Cameo Surgery Center

Islandia Long Island 

Dr. Scott Blyer is one of dual-degree

trained surgeons in New York

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Dr Ira Koeppel

Dr Ira Koeppel 

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry

is Dr Ira Koeppel's passion.

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Pocket Horoscope

This app will give you your daily horoscope.

you may also sign up and have

twitter send it to you on a daily basis.

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Sweat Activated Technology.t-shirts for ladies and man

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Pocket Event Scheduler

The pocket event scheduler application

will allow you to easily manage all your appointments with just a few clicks

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The Candobetter Android App

Vote for your favorite couple

upload your picture see how many people will vote for you download the App directly from The Android Market and visit our website for more fun, contact our user directly and who knows you may be the next one that does better !!!!!

The Big Biz Show

The Big Biz Show official Android App.

watch their videos, see their latest tweets and meet the cast !

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USA 2010 World Cup Soccer

World cup soccer 2010 View and updates on your personalized team app

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The Big Biz Show

The Big Biz Show

meet the cast 

view their videos

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find mortgage rates

financing closing cost and more

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Pocket Horoscope

Pocket Horoscope 

free daily horoscope

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Just in time for the Golf Season. Now you can download the App  and watch your favourite golfers show you their swings as well as explain their approach to the game.

Mind Over ED

By Dr Joel Block, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects countless numbers of men – many of these men have turned to ED drugs and supplements for help download the app to see the answers